Hello there, I’m Misan Bel, a happy-go-lucky, sometimes writer, most times rambler, and everytime word craze girl!

If you are truly wondering about me, and curious to know what makes me me, now would be the time to tell you… I have no freaking idea!

Let me bore you a bit and wax philosophical. Life is beautiful and how somehow, we all try to find where we fit into the grand scheme of things. That’s where I am now -on a path to self realization. However, I’m sure of the following things;

  1. I love everything creative and artsy
  2. I fantasize about sky-diving and bungee jumping ( will I ever take the leap though?)
  3. Everyone sees me as little Miss prim and proper, but i’m a lone biker chic at heart
  4. I love meeting people, but I’ll choose a pad and pen over movies with friends.
  5. If you’re looking for me, go in the opposite direction of the crowd

On this journey to self discovery, I hope to share with you a part of me, the experiences that come my way and stories of the beautiful people I meet on my road to self discovery. Hopefully you can relate and share yours too.

Thanks for stopping by.