We can’t fail to feel it, the possibilities that a new year brings. The clean slate,  a chance to start all over again… the shiny resolutions, the will to put round pegs in round holes and all that messed up illusion.

I woke up this morning feeling the same buzz I get every new year.  It’s the same feeling I have  when I’m about to open my presents… or better still,  when I have a mountain of brimming shopping bags to unpack!  I stretch and yawn on my bed almost purring.  The magic of a new calendar makes me smile and do a lazy stretch again.

“All things have become new again”  I thought.

But I know better.  The pile of last night’s dishes in the kitchen sink haven’t magically washed themselves, neither will the consequences of all the choices I’ve made in this year past go away in a poof!

Getting out of bed,  I follow a trail of paper cups and used napkins to the living room and then to the kitchen. That is another thing about holidays – everyone loves the endless flow of food and drinks.  But cleanup is a nightmare!

Thirty-six dishes and endless pots and pans later,  I sit down to savor a cup of hot chocolate overloaded with milk and sugar. As I did,  I begin to remember all the resolutions I made at the beginning of last year;

  1. Be more spiritual
  2. Get rich
  3. Get fit
  4. Get Bae
  5. Get richer…

So how many have I achieved?

I freeze as I think about it. Everything that has happened-from then to now, and jumped up,  out of my seat! There is no time to waste,  no moment to linger longer than needed. Some things may be illusions but I have to face the reality of it.


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