Surely but slowly

Slowly but surely

My slumbering heart’s started again

Stretching and yawning from centuries of sleep

Like some weary rusted clock

Reluctantly ticking in screeching beats


Slowly but surely

Surely but steadily

That precious crimson stream flowed again

Gushing and rushing through long forgotten tunnels

Like the swiftness of a fast flowing river

Gladly sweeping the path of the past


Steadily. Steadily

You pulled me out of self-induced sleep

With a heart breaking gentleness that makes me cry

You took my hand as I faced my fears

Like a child taking faltering steps

Learning to appreciate the essence of pain over numbness


Surely, surely.

My heart’s found its beat

A rhythm and song to which it sways

Lighted and brightened by sweet tenderness

Like the sun on sea on a breezy day

Wrapping me in the velvet of your love.


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