With Fiends Like These

There they go again Their devilish eyes sparkling with mischievous laughter On their lips, the ever friendly smile is fixed As they beckon you to come closer And enter the web of their comradeship   Manipulated, you inch closer And with each step you take A great union is assured And just like a Venus … Continue Reading

My Heart’s Wish

Wish I could tell you my dreams They are so full of you and laughter That I am always tempted to linger a little longer In those dream worlds of mine   Wish I could read you my thoughts It is a journal of endless joy So full of life that I cherish each and … Continue Reading

Time -Then, Now & Later

The past, like every nightmare had Has haunted for too long Robbing the present of its haven Where will the future ever rest?   The present, like every breathe taken, Drips away as time ticks Taking every treasure moment And locking it in the past.   The future, ridden with every wish and hope Struggling … Continue Reading

Prelude to The Rain

The thunder clapped angrily Sending streaks of lightening after the fearful, Causing even the brave to quake in their shoes As it brought forth its long awaited message.   The swollen sky looked humorless enough. Its dark brooding self spreading quickly like wild fire – Hell bent of letting loose Years of pent-up rage.   … Continue Reading

Post Office: Letter To Bestie

My dearest friend It seems to me we’ve bypassed all fiends All, whom in the end Hope to see the last of us So they may hop and whop With belly-aching laughter An apt farewell, they connived with glee -a broken world envisioned for us.   But it is we who laugh still Victory song … Continue Reading

To Be or Not To Be?

My heart flutters still To tell or not to tell? I do not know for sure But Not telling seems to be The end of life itself Yet I dread telling you that I miss you As scorched earth misses the rains Or Is it love for you That makes my heart tremble so? All … Continue Reading

Bonds: Breaking Free

Shut out from the world beyond Shackled and rendered helpless By certain fears that wouldn’t let go I heard the voices in my head Telling me to let go Before they can let me go   no! No! NO!!! I screamed Struggling to wrench myself free From those inner most feelings threatening to choke And … Continue Reading

Driftwood – A Food For Thought

Friends sometimes, Are like driftwood on an endless depth-less stormy sea, Drifting further apart. Sometimes, not by will, but by the forces of life Always trying to reach out, touch hands But are snatched away from one another. Every starting point, its own end Even if we are swept apart today by its currents, Life … Continue Reading

All Things New, Bright and Beautiful. 

We can’t fail to feel it, the possibilities that a new year brings. The clean slate,  a chance to start all over again… the shiny resolutions, the will to put round pegs in round holes and all that messed up illusion. I woke up this morning feeling the same buzz I get every new year. … Continue Reading