Doom-doom! Doom-Do0m!! DOOM-DOOM!!!

My heart thunders an ominous message.

“Life is never a fairy tale” it whispered.

Clutching the air like a wayward child

I force rabid pain off my chest.


They say what an adult sees sitting down,

A child can’t see standing up and giraffe-ing.

If I could see the road I tread with you,

Through  the labyrinth of your thoughts and moments to come,

Would it be a journey  strewn with defanged roses?


Or… Did you know already?

Of my feelings… my fears…. my hopes?

Did you hear that song already?

That wafts between the leaves and dances in the breeze,

Brilliantly colouring the world I hope to build with you?


The answers I want remain a mystery

Staying hidden like a shy child behind Its mother’s wrappers.

I shake my head free of the sand it was buried in and took a leap;

Of faith , and in love.

Tucking away my chicken heart.







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