Cherie (My Forever Friend)

The sun and stars I wish I had, Gifts for one beyond compare, But the blessings of God are all I wish you.   Gold is treasured for it is special, Diamonds are valued for they are rare, You are cherished for whom you are.   Flowers may pale, fade and wither, Seasons may change; … Continue Reading

With Fiends Like These

There they go again Their devilish eyes sparkling with mischievous laughter On their lips, the ever friendly smile is fixed As they beckon you to come closer And enter the web of their comradeship   Manipulated, you inch closer And with each step you take A great union is assured And just like a Venus … Continue Reading

Post Office: Letter To Bestie

My dearest friend It seems to me we’ve bypassed all fiends All, whom in the end Hope to see the last of us So they may hop and whop With belly-aching laughter An apt farewell, they connived with glee -a broken world envisioned for us.   But it is we who laugh still Victory song … Continue Reading