Surely but slowly Slowly but surely My slumbering heart’s started again Stretching and yawning from centuries of sleep Like some weary rusted clock Reluctantly ticking in screeching beats   Slowly but surely Surely but steadily That precious crimson stream flowed again Gushing and rushing through long forgotten tunnels Like the swiftness of a fast flowing … Continue Reading

Sweet and Sour V -Bitter

Can’t Swallow.   Those fears I feared Reared up with vengance. Tonight my darling came And ripped my heart to bits!   Frozen in pain, I felt the words before it came To scream and lash out was all I wanted But I choked it all down.   Now, I can’t swallow.

Sweet and Sour IV -Crack

Wonder if it will last This thing between us the fragile shells we tried to grow Crack even before we started.   Wonder if this distance I feel is real Day by day we scramble for words As if to  hold on to each other When we had no reason to from the very start … Continue Reading

Sweet and Sour III -Bliss

I saw you in my dreams today A magical scene from a fairy tale Your arms wrapped tenderly around me As you smile into my hair.   I longed to kiss you so In the endless spell of your embrace But I stayed still and whispered your name A call you heard as you smiled … Continue Reading

Sweet and Sour II -Chicken Heart

Doom-doom! Doom-Do0m!! DOOM-DOOM!!! My heart thunders an ominous message. “Life is never a fairy tale” it whispered. Clutching the air like a wayward child I force rabid pain off my chest.   They say what an adult sees sitting down, A child can’t see standing up and giraffe-ing. If I could see the road I … Continue Reading

Sweet and Sour I- Wooed

I knew this day could come When I would yearn for you so much Like one starved for air   Was it not just yesterday In the quiet of the night When you so lovingly asked me To be yours?   Was it not just this noon With the sun streaming around us That you … Continue Reading

Bull’s Eye

When cupid flies delightfully by, Past memories tend to sidle along Coy and sly, instead of shy Chortling evilly as they plant doubtful seeds When that fateful bow is pulled Vivid visions ruthlessly assail Worrysome and scary, instead of soothing Hinting a harvest of blood and tears When that arrow quivers in the air, Time … Continue Reading

Cherie (My Forever Friend)

The sun and stars I wish I had, Gifts for one beyond compare, But the blessings of God are all I wish you.   Gold is treasured for it is special, Diamonds are valued for they are rare, You are cherished for whom you are.   Flowers may pale, fade and wither, Seasons may change; … Continue Reading

My Heart’s Wish

Wish I could tell you my dreams They are so full of you and laughter That I am always tempted to linger a little longer In those dream worlds of mine   Wish I could read you my thoughts It is a journal of endless joy So full of life that I cherish each and … Continue Reading

To Be or Not To Be?

My heart flutters still To tell or not to tell? I do not know for sure But Not telling seems to be The end of life itself Yet I dread telling you that I miss you As scorched earth misses the rains Or Is it love for you That makes my heart tremble so? All … Continue Reading